Cloud Chamber CD Cover
Cloud Chamber
After a long cycle of playing in various bands over the years, I took a break. In 2000 Propellerheads introduced an inspired peice of software called Reason. I decided to recycle my collection of hardware and move into software and started writing new music. I enjoyed developing way to mix real instruments with the virtual using Tracktion software. When I became mobile with a laptop I was able to record my friends in their native habitat. Cloud Chamber is the first collection of tracks from this continuing process. A special thanks to Doug Findley and Fletcher Andrews for providing an initial spark for this project. I'm grateful for my friends and their continued support and inspiried contributions to these tracks. Cloud Chamber is available for purchase at CD Baby, iTunes and streaming on Spotify & Rhapsody.
Don Kenoyer: Keyboards
Johnny Horn: Guitars / Ed Lee: Bass Clarinet / Don Kenoyer: Keyboards
Gamelan Noir
Matt Nims: Guitar / Doug Findley: Saxes / Mark Bentz: Coronet / Fletcher Andrews: Drums / Don Kenoyer: Keyboards
Johnny Horn: Guitar / Andy Sodt: Tenor Sax / Mark Bentz: Coronet / Zach Davies: Trombone / Don Kenoyer: Keyboards
Mark Bentz: Coronet / Matt Nims: Guitar / Fletcher Andrews: Drums / Don Kenoyer: Keyboards
Solar Sway
Johnny Horn: Guitar / Ed Lee: Bass Clarinet / Scott Fischbach: Digeridoo / Don Kenoyer: Keyboards
Float Plane
Don Kenoyer: Keyboards
Cloud Chamber
Doug Findley: Saxes / Fletcher Andrews: Drums / Don Kenoyer: Keyboards
Moonlight Waltz
Henry Kenoyer: Violins / Doug Findley: Saxes / Fletcher Andrews: Drums / Don Kenoyer: Keyboards, Guitars, Bass
Don Kenoyer: Keyboards